Thursday, 28 February 2013

Web Publishing - Week 05

This week we looked at web directories and search engines. Web directories aren't something that I've usually considered when searching for information but when their pros were highlighted in the lecture I think that they're definitely something that I'll take into account in the future. They provide a more concise collection of websites and they are hand picked by people who are sometimes volunteers that specialise in certain categories.

We looked at all the different search engines and how one would go about getting their website featured on them. Something that took me by surprise in the lecture was how much Google uses your personal information when deciding which web pages would suit you best in your search. The fact that Google knows my name, age, gender, address, friends, relatives and current location is a bit eerie. If I were to ever commit a crime and the police had access to Google's database I would be more or less screwed. I would have to get rid of my phone and iPod and go into hiding without informing anyone I know. I would also have to change my appearance. Those sneaky bastards. I mean...dear overlords.I love you Google.

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