Thursday, 7 February 2013

Web Publishing - Week 01 & 02

So this blog was created as an assignment for our Web Publishing module in CIT (where I'm studying Web Development). Each week I shall give a summary of what was discussed in each lecture and lab.

Week 1
The first week was mainly an introduction to the Web Publishing module. We were given a description of the module, the assignments and the percentage each assignment was worth. We were also introduced to blogging as it was the subject of our first assignment, hence why this blog exists.

Week 2
I never got to experience much of Web Publishing this week due to unforeseen circumstances. I missed the first lecture as I missed the train due to the snow. I later found out that the first lecture highlighted the minimum requirements for assignment 1 and just generally what was expected from us. I managed to make it in for the second lecture which was on intellectual property. It was quite eye-opening as to how complicated copyrighting can be in the 21st century due to the ever expanding means of sharing creative works. The main point I took from this lecture was that an idea can't be copyrighted unless it has been expressed in some form, i.e. on paper, digitally etc.

I missed the first half of the lab this week as the train was delayed 25 minutes making me suitably late. When I arrived to lab there wasn't any free computers to work on so I had to make do with my iPod Touch, 2G to make things worse, but I managed to catch up on what I missed regardless. We learned more about customising the layout and adding interesting gadgets.


  1. It's good. I can't see any spelling mistakes. Well done.

  2. Shame about the bus trouble keep up the good work.