Thursday, 7 March 2013

Web Publishing - Week 06

This week was quite varied in terms of Web Publishing. We were introduced to assignment 2, we were introduced to Search Engine Optimisation and we also got started on a Google Adwords campaign as part of the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

For assignment 2 we are to research the trade-off between size and quality in images and report about it on our blog. We have been assigned three images and we are to use Photoshop to alter them.

The lecture on Search Engine Optimisation focused on how one can best optimise their web pages, in terms of keywords, to make it easier for Google to find them and to increase their ranking. It really is interesting how clever Google's web crawler programs are when finding the most suitable pages and indentifying spam.

We met with our client at Auto-Spa to ask him questions about his company and website. We are to write up a pre-campaign report based on the information we gathered. We also set up a Google Adwords account which will be the foundation of the campaign.

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