Thursday, 25 April 2013

Web Publishing - Week 11

This shall be the final Web Publishing blog post. I'll use this last post to have a look at some statistics based on my blog. This information will be taken from the Stats page on Blogger and from Google Analytics.

Some general information from Blogger:

  • Total page views as of writing this post: 965.
  • Most popular post: Adenowl Hynkel.
  • The majority of views came from the United States.
  • Firefox was the most popular browser.
  • Windows was the most popular operating system.

Some general information from Google Analytics:

  • Average visit duration: 00:03:47.
  • Bounce rate: 73.33%.
  • New visitors: 60%
  • Returning visitors: 40%
  • Most popular language: en-us.

I find it interesting that the majority of views came from the United States. Although I did provide a link to the post Adenowl Hynkel on Reddit, whose demographic is mainly from the U.S. It seems that this post got more views than the rest combined.

I was always under the impression that Chrome was a more popular browser than Firefox these days but the stats say otherwise. Although I do know that certain labs in CIT only have Firefox installed so maybe that could be the reason.

Anyway, that's it. This has been enjoyable.

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